NIU’s Middle Eastern Music Ensemble

Interested in studying Middle Eastern music? Northern Illinois University have a Middle Eastern Music Ensemble where theoretical, practical and historical aspects are studied. There are a few YouTube clips too- This is an Armenian song called the Candle Dance, a traditional folk song.


This clip is a traditional Turkish folk song called Longa Sultani Yakah.


This clip is of a modern song called Azizah composed by Mohammed Abdel Wahab.


This clip is of a group percussion solo, arranged by Omar Al Musfi.

A music blog

A new blog has been created in the Kingdom of Meridies, by Aylwin Watkyns and Majda Anwar. This blog covers music of the Middle East, sheet music, information for dancers and much more!

Madrasah al-Musiqa

Have fun exploring!

Recommended reading
Percussion Instruments and Their History by James Blades. Via Google Books.
Days of Song and Dance by Kay Hardy Campbell.
The World of Islam: Its Music by John Sabini.
Arabian Memories in Portugal by Habeeb Salloum.
Arab Musical Life Throughout History by Habib Hassan Touma. Via NITLE Arab World Project.

The ensemble Oni Wytars

This song is done by the musical group Oni Wytars. It is a traditional arabic-andalusian song. The ensemble do medieval songs as well as traditional Arab and Turkish music. Their entire work is sampled on their website & can be bought there. Now I believe that all dancing should be celebrated and enjoyed. Please enjoy Oni Wytars’ version of Saltarello, the Italian renaissance dance music-