A digitized copy of the Mishneh Torah

The Bodleian Library has digitized a manuscript of Moses Maimonides‘s authorised work Mishneh Torah which had been written 1168 C.E. to 1178 C.E.

Containing 14 books with almost 1,000 chapters, Maimonides drew on the Mishnah, Tosefta, Midrash and Talmud. Considered one of the greatest works on Jewish theological studies meaning the Mishneh Torah is still studied today.

The manuscript can be seen here.

Another digitized manuscript from the British Library can be read here.

Maimonides other great work is the Guide for the Perplexed, a treatise using Jewish tradition (based on the Talmud etc) and rational philosophy.

This image is a 14th century illumination of the work, while the original was written around 1186 C.E to 1190 C.E. A popular translation done in 1903 is available for download here.

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Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewry: From the Golden Age of Spain to Modern Times edited by Zion Zohar. Via Google Books.

Andalusian music

The above music would not be out of place at a Middle Eastern/Andalusi event. However, most of the pictures used are Orientalist and not period.
There is a Swedish band called Qiyan Krets does Andalusian music, including Sephardic music.
For those interested, The Arab Classical Music Society has a website where sheet music can be downloaded using Adobe. You can search using Maqam, genre, composer and region.
Andalusian Music is the traditional urban music of the Maghreb – spanning Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya in National Geographic.
Interview with Dwight Reynolds: Al-Andalus 1: Europe by Banning Eyre. In Afropop.org.
Interview with Dwight Reynolds: Al-Andalus 2: North Africa and Beyond by Banning Eyre. In Afropop.org.
Two thousand years of Jewish life in Morocco by Haïm Zafrani. On Google Books.
Historical Perspectives on Andalusian Music on Americanistan.