“A Night in Palermo” event

Setting up the hall. There was a bi-fold door, which was open to enjoy the lovely weather. Bellydancing and drumming outside. There was also European singing and dancing, including this song- This is a Crusader song. More photos can be seen on the FaceBook page here.

A Night in Palermo- event

The Guilds of Middle Eastern Dancing and Cookery in these Baronies of Stormhold & Krae Glas invite one and all to
“An Night in Palermo”
Before the armies are sent off on Crusade, there will be an evening of frivolity and competition, to appease the Norman Court of Sicily. Dishes reflecting the best of the different peoples of Sicily is to be presented, to be judged on authenticity, presentation, execution, documentation and complexity. The Greeks, Arabs, Italians and Normans can thus enjoy a friendlier rivalry (for the time being)! Please email the Steward to book and advise if entering the competition.

Members $11.00, Non-members $16.50, children $5.50. Please email Miriam Staples on miriam.staples@gmail.com to book and advise if entering the competition. This is a potluck feast, so please bring a plate.The event will be at the Chandler Room, Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre, 157 Union Road, Surrey Hills VIC 3127, Melbourne Australia from 5pm.

Please be aware that if you have said you will be attending on FB (https://www.facebook.com/events/294670073962625/) it is not considered a booking! I do need all your membership details.

I am the steward of the event. The prizes are already chosen and are just waiting to be won!

There are a few resources on-line to help in the competition. There is Master Cariadoc of the Bow’s works, many links through this site and a translated Annals of the Caliphs’ Kitchens, a tenth century Baghdadi cookbook. I look forward to catching up with everyone at the feast!

Guild meeting

Hello everyone! I can see that there are a few visits happening and everyone is welcome to subscribe.

I am organising a Guild meeting for the 12th of March 2011, at my house. If you are not a local (there are a few subscribers who live on another continent!), then if you are in the vicinity of Melbourne, Australia, you would be welcome to come along. However, if you are a local and need the details of the address, please email me on miriam.staples@gmail.com.

I would like to organise an event for this year, as well as talk about the Royal visit for Stormhold’s Winter Feast. The Guild will have been running for over a year by then. While we have an excellent patroness in our gracious Baroness, I would like to help those around by going country-wide (I know there are some in SA and WA who would like to set up a Guild too) and we may need Royal patronage for that. So a need for talk!

On another topic all together, I had made some Fatimid garb (or my idea of Fatimid garb) for 12th Night in Politarcopolis, 15/01/2011. Some pictures-

I made it out of cotton damask, which is embroidered with chrysanthemums (if you look closely). The neckline is embroidered with silk, from a pattern found off a Fatimid towel in the Ashmolean. The arms have two distinct tiraz bands.


This one says “good fortune” in Arabic. It is repeated all the way around, which means nine times!

This one is repeated five times around the arm. It says in Arabic- “patience is blessed with success and everything is rewarded”. I found these charts hidden away in the Yahoo Group of Middle Eastern Personas. Really good source of information but you must have a Yahoo account.

If you are interested in seeing a picture of me at 12th Night, here is link to photo on Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=logo#!/photo.php?fbid=492473057367&set=t.1028401897. Let me know if you can’t see it.

Our first event- the Ottoman Caravanserai

Our first event was held  on the 14th of August 2010 at Allsaints Hall in Hawthorn. I was your autocrat and Lady Antonia di Lorenzo was the feastocrat.

Our Menu

Bawarid (cold dishes):

Fresh dates
‘Ijja min Badhinjan [eggplant balls]
Baridat silq [spicy spinach and fava bean puree]
Sibagh [fried fish with raisin sauce]
Zaitun [marinated olives]
Herbed yoghurt
Selection of breads

Hot Dishes:

Maqluba-e Na’na Mukhallal [lamb and walnut rissoles with dipping sauce]
Narjisiya [spicy lamb stew with asparagus]
Zirbat [chicken with almonds and rosewater]
Khoreshe Fesenjan [duck in pomegranate and walnut sauce]
Fustaqiya [shredded chicken with pistachios]
Aruzz mulfalfal [rice pilaf]
Badhinjan mahshi [eggplant with fried onions]
Baridat al-lubya [beans with mustard dressing]


Almond milk rice pudding
Klaicha [date-filled pastries]
Manalsama [walnut-filled pastries]
Khushknanaj [sesame rolls with scented marzipan filling]
Fresh fruit
Sugar dome with rosewater toffee, sesame toffee and pistachio nougat

To drink:

Sharbat-e sekanjabin [crushed ice with syrups] – ginger, pomegranate, spice
Turkish coffee
Mint tea

There were some photos taken, which are up on Facebook here. Thanks Geoffrey! . I will post the link to them once I get the public link. Here is a link to Stormscroll which has the recipe for duck with pomegranate and a review of the event.