Gloves- part 2

I have been in contact with the Brooklyn Museum, to find out more information about the Gloves previously posted. I heard back from Caitlin McKenna, the Curatorial Assistant for the Islamic collection at the Brooklyn Museum. She kindly gave me some more information and a colour picture-

Knitted purl stitch wool
4 5/16 x 6 5/16 in. (11 x 16 cm)
place made: Iran, Asia
Brooklyn Museum Collection
Pair of man’s gloves of white knitted purl stitch wool, with an all over pattern of stylized colored glowers in green, black and red finger tips, and three writs borders, the outer two with conventional vine scrolls and the inner with an angularized flower head design on a red ground. The gloved are mended in many places and torn in many more.

However, they are still unsure of the date. I still think the red and yellow flowers around the cuff are similar to Mamluk pattern darning designs, but now I am thinking that the gloves were made much later. Please let me know what you think!

I would like to thank Caitlin McKenna and the Brooklyn Museum, for being so open and approachable!


This is a pair of men’s gloves, knitted purl stitch wool. Length is 16cm and width is 11cm. Unfortunately, there is not much more detail in the entry of the Brooklyn Museum’s Arts of the Islamic World collection. However, the design on the wrist of the glove is very similar to Mamluk samplers of pattern darning.

Please let me know what you think!

A sock

This sock was found in Fustat, Egypt but was thought to have made in India. Egyptian socks were knitted from the leg down but this sock differed. It was knitted from the toe up, with replaceable heels. This is for when the heel wore out, a whole sock was needed to have been replaced. It is made out of cotton, with the two shades of blue being from indigo.

Found in the Textile Museum.