A music blog

A new blog has been created in the Kingdom of Meridies, by Aylwin Watkyns and Majda Anwar. This blog covers music of the Middle East, sheet music, information for dancers and much more!

Madrasah al-Musiqa

Have fun exploring!

Recommended reading
Percussion Instruments and Their History by James Blades. Via Google Books.
Days of Song and Dance by Kay Hardy Campbell.
The World of Islam: Its Music by John Sabini.
Arabian Memories in Portugal by Habeeb Salloum.
Arab Musical Life Throughout History by Habib Hassan Touma. Via NITLE Arab World Project.

Coptic embroidery

Shown on SCAtoday.net was an article about a blog. This blog covered blackwork of many shapes and countries.

This blog is called Practical Blackwork. There is also a free stuff page where many pdfs can be downloaded, including a Coptic design.

This design was taken from the Antique Pattern Library, specifically a book (in two volumes) from Therese de Dillmont called “Motifs de Broderie copte”. They are located in the embroidery section.

They have great pictures which could easily be charted but I don’t speak French and I can’t muddle through enough to find a date. If anyone can read French, then I wish they could help with the translation!

Another Blog

I enjoy looking through other people’s blogs for my inspiration. I found this one by Viscountess Safiye al-Konstantiniyye, known mundanely as Lisa Kelly. This has some papers that she has written into her research on Ottoman garb.

Lisa’s pondering and pontifications.

She has also set up a public photo album, which has the original picture and the recreation next to it.

Lisa’s projects and pics.

This is all Lisa Kelly’s work and is a great inspiration!

Other blogs to search

I have been very lucky to find other SCAdian’s blogs which cover a lot more that I could even think about! Please check them out, they are wonderful.

Anahita bint ‘abd al-Karim al-hakim al-Fassi’s website, Dar Anahita is here.

Greet’s Middle Ages.

Mary Ostler’s page for Bedouin tent making is here but you can follow it back to her pages.

Sayyeda al-Kaslaania’s blog covers her interest in Fatimid Egypt and can be found here.

Lalita Dasa‘s website covers Indian interests.

Roxalana’s Redactions which covers food! I am looking forward to going through this one a little more thoroughly.