Ottoman music

This song was composed by Şehzade Korkut, son of Sultân Bayezid-î Velî in the 16th century. This is a 17th century song called “Makam Uzzal Sakil Turna” by Dimitri Candemir. An album of his musical works was done by Jordi Savall and is available through Alia Vox. This song is called Nikriz Peşrev and was written in the 17th century. The band that did the song is called Saraband, and their work is available to see on Saraband’s website. Finally, some Janissary marching music, done by the band alias Mehter. Some Janissary music can be sampled here and here.

2 comments on “Ottoman music

  1. Sasha says:

    Nikriz Peşrev is the title – not the composer. Most Ottoman music pieces are given descriptive names – in this case Nikriz Peşrev describes the piece, a peşrev (a classical music form consisting of several movements, or hane) and the makamor musical mode they are played in (in this case, Nikriz) of the first hane.

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