A second Persian embroidery

This embroidery is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Accession Number: 27.51.1). It is the same design in shape and embroidery pattern as the previous post on Persian embroidery. However, there is more information on these embroidered pieces in the Met, which states that it is not clothing but an interior of a tent, most likely seized after the siege of Vienna in 1683. It was seized from the Ottomans, who had purchased it from Safavid Persia.This is the detail of the youth hurling a rock at a dragon, which is a recurring design.

I would like to thank Kristina Richardson, Assistant Professor of Islamic History at the City University of New York from Queens College for pointing the other textile to me.

Ottoman Tents

This tent is 17th century in Dresden, unfortunately, but the tent is a style that has remained untouched for centuries. There are some articles on the Miscellaneous page, but I will include a bit more here too. Thanks Cathy for one of the links!

Jstor article Ottoman Garden Tents and Pavilions by Prof.Dr.Nurhan Atasoy.
Ottoman Imperial Tents by Prof.Dr.Nurhan Atasoy.
Turkish Cultural Foundation on Turkish Military tents.
Turkish Cultural Foundation on Ottoman tents.
Movable Palaces by Caroline Stone. In Saudi Aramco World online magazine.
YouTube clip about setting up the above tent for a special Turkish exhibit.
YouTube clip going through the Turkish exhibit. In German.
YouTube clip covering the military items in the Turkish exhibit. Also in German.

Other blogs to search

I have been very lucky to find other SCAdian’s blogs which cover a lot more that I could even think about! Please check them out, they are wonderful.

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Roxalana’s Redactions which covers food! I am looking forward to going through this one a little more thoroughly.