This well known and loved drink has been around for quite a while and spread from the East to the West. Now I like the story of dancing goats as much as anyone else but it probably isn’t the real origin of coffee. Here is the Wikipedia page which covers the history.

The first coffee house was in Istanbul in 1554. It closed three years later, with the owners carrying off a small fortune. There are European references to coffee, saying they drank it as black as ink. So, being dairy free, easily fit into Halal and kosher rules.

Now there is Arabic coffee and there is Turkish coffee.

Here is an article on the traditions of Arabic coffee. This one is also quite good.

Here is the Wikipedia article on Turkish coffee. This website has many articles on Turkish coffee, including recipe!

There is also the post on Coffee and Coffee Houses. Roxalana’s Redactions covers a bit on coffee.

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