A Roman-Egyptian sprang turban

sprangcapchildmummy This is a sprang woven turban found on the head of a child mummy, from the 3rd-4th century in Upper Egypt. The length is 68cm with a width of 40cm. It is a linen net. detailchildsprangturban The turban is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s book Textiles of Late Antiquity by Annemarie Stauffer can be downloaded in pdf format through the link.

The sprang pattern has been charted and can be seen in a YouTube video-
The Sojourning Spinner has created over 40 videos on sprang on her YouTube Channel.


An early period sprang cap

This a wool sprang cap, found in the cemetery of Antinoe in Egypt. The cap comes from an area that was a stronghold of Coptic Christians between the 5th and 7th centuries, though this one can be dated to the mid-5th century. This cap has a height of 25 cm and diameter of 20 cm at the base. Other things found in this tomb were a comb, headband, hair curlers and dresses.

It is currently in the Louvre.