An interpretive embroidery

b6127 This textile is cream coloured mulham (silk-linen blend) worked with couched metal thread (gold wound on cream silk), with brown, cream, light green and light blue silk thread worked in split stitch. Done over two pieces that were then sewn together, the textile is 11cm by 9cm. It is currently in the Museum of Fine Arts Accesssion number 31.445. It is linked to two other textiles in the Museum, specifically Accession number 31.443 and Accession number 31.444 although the records differ, with the other textile saying that it is Mesopotamian from the 10th-11th century.

I have done my own interpretation of the embroidery, with linen as a background cloth, using Gumnut Yarns silk perle thread and gilt smooth passing thread on a silk core.
dscn0388 My colour choices were based on article History of Dyes Used in Different Historical Periods of Egypt by Omar Abdel-Kareem.
The reverse-
I am unsure of the date of the embroidery, so any information would be welcome!