Raqs Al-Juzur

Raqs Al-Juzur is also known as the Tunisian pot dance. This is a dance performed by the Jawaahir Dance Company. This is another dance troupe called Arabia Adorned. This is known as a folkloric style of dance, performed by men and women at weddings. The music eventually builds to a crescendo, with large hip movements also building up. The dance was thought to have been created in the southern region of Tunisia, where ceramics was a main industry. Unfortunately there is very little information on the dance out there. If you have any, please comment!
Recommended reading
The Habiba Studio– dance articles can be downloaded; they are in pdf format.
The Musical Pulse of Tunisia by Thorne Anderson. Via Saudi Aramco World Online Magazine.


Abbasid tunic

This tunic is from the 9th-10th century Ifriqiya, or modern day Tunisia. At the time, Ifriqiya was ruled by the Aghlabids under the Abbasids. The tunic is dyed black with different designs on each shoulder. Both are embroidered with wool, with animal designs above and geometric designs on the other sleeve. Although the dimensions are not included, it is thought the tunic was for a child. Taken from Museum With No Frontiers.