Dog breeds

Some of the oldest domesticated dog breeds originated in the Middle East. One of the most famous is the Saluki. It was also known as the Persian Greyhound, the Gazelle Hound and the Royal Hound of Egypt. Falling under the classification of sighthound, they were named after the ancient city of Seleucia. As a breed, they were so highly prized that it was considered a great honour when gifted with one. They were even carved in relief on the tombs of the Phoenicians.

Another dog breed of the Middle East is the Kangal dog. Very territorial, they are a livestock guardian, living with the sheep and the goats in the field. The size and bravery of the dog is much prized, as they can work independently of their owners and successfully defend the flock from predator attack.

Another type of dog is the Canaan Dog. These dogs were used over 2000 years ago by the Ancient Israelites for their flocks, but with the Roman destruction of Judea and the creation of the diaspora, the dogs became wild. They managed to live in the Negev desert, while also being used by travelling Bedouin for their flocks. They are a cousin of Pariah dogs and share many of their characteristics.

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