A homemade sampler

This sampler is one have been working on the last few months. It is based on Mamluk samplers I have charted over the years, which are available for download on the Embroidery charts page.

I had written up documentation, which may be of interest. It is available as a pdf.
WCoBsamplerentry PDF

It was done for a competition for the Worshipful Company of Broderers in the Kingdom of Lochac. For the Lochac Kingdom event of 12th Night, the topic of the competition was working sampler. I won! The item has also been graded as a masterwork.

2 comments on “A homemade sampler

  1. Duchess Catherine Lorraine, OL, OP (West Kingdom) says:

    Lovely work, since this piece is considered a Masterwork, are you being offered a Laurel in Lochac? Congratulations if you are..

    • No, it’s part of the Guild structure. The Guild has different ranks, as I have already submitted works for grading as an apprentice level and a journeyman level. This work has been graded as a Masterwork but I need four more to be considered a Master of the Guild.

      I haven’t been offered an elevation, but thanks for the good wishes!

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