A textile embroidered with quatrefoils and stems

ashmoleanquatrefoilandstems This textile is thought to have been made between the 10th and 15th century C.E. in Egypt. The dimensions are 18 cm by 19 cm, with the ground fabric of tabby woven linen embroidered in running and double running stitch in blue and red silk. There is a selvedge along the top of the textile.

It can be found in the Ashmolean Museum, Accession number EA1993.206

I have charted the design. It is available to download as a pdf document.
ashmoleanquartrefoilsandstems PDF

Let me know how it goes!

2 comments on “A textile embroidered with quatrefoils and stems

  1. Leyla says:

    Thank you for the lovely charts! Side note, although the Ashmolean’s object information says 10th-15th century, my highly educated guess is that this is at best late Mamluk, early Ottoman, more like 16th century. They’ve already corrected the date on one of their similar red & blue pieces, http://www.jameelcentre.ashmolean.org/object/EA1993.210. Cheers!

    • Ellis’ own work in the “Embroideries and Samplers from Islamic Egypt” had that most geometric designs were from 12th century onwards. The book later classified that most of the double running samplers came from the 14th century onwards. I am also happy to think that it is a late period piece.

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