An embroidery once more

ashmoleanquartrefoilsandsquares This textile was thought to have been made between the 10th and 15th centuries in Egypt. It is linen, embroidered in blue and pink silk in a quartrefoil pattern linked by squares. There is also a rolled hem in yellow silk at the bottom of the textile.

The textile is 24 cm by 13 cm. Thread count of the linen is 22 threads per cm. The embroidered band itself is 7.3 cm. It is currently in the Ashmolean Museum.

There is a chart of the design here-
ashmoleanquartrefoilsandsquares PDF

Let me know how it goes!

One comment on “An embroidery once more

  1. Thank you for your wonderful blog and research. I absolutely love visiting it. I am endlessly fascinated by the story of motifs and symbols that evolved along the Ancient Silk Road. So I look at your images with great interest. I have been importing and selling Suzanis from Bukhara for almost 6 years, and they never seize to amaze me with their richness in pattern magic. I need a few more life times to study all this !

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