A new pattern darning and cross stitch sampler

ashmoleanpatterndarningsampler This embroidery sampler is made from linen, embroidered with blue and green flax, as well as red silk. It is thought to have been made between the 10th-15th century C.E. in Egypt. The dimensions are 21.5 cm by 12 cm. It is currently in the Ashmolean Museum in the research collection.

On the sampler there are 5 complete pattern darning designs and one long arm cross stitch design. There are four other incomplete designs on the sampler. I have charted up the complete designs but if there is interest in some of the incomplete, then I can post them. Just let me know.

The placement-

ashmoleanpatterndarning1 (PDF)
ashmoleanpatterndarning2 (PDF)
ashmoleanpatterndarning3 (PDF)
ashmoleanpatterndarning4 (PDF)
ashmoleanpatterndarning5 (PDF)
ashmoleanlacrossstitch (PDF) (which has the number 6 in the picture)


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