A 14th century Egyptian ivory

14thcentegyptianivory This ivory is an Egyptian ivory made in the 14th century. On the full size carving are three figures, the first carrying a Greek cross- 14thcentivory1stfig
The second figure is a crowned man with a sword- 14thcentivory2ndfig
The third figure is of an acolyte, carrying a censor and a cross- 14thcentivory3rdfig
The last figure is a man in a turban and a wine flask- 14thcentivory4thfig

When written up in Ernst Kühnel‘s book ‘Die Islamischen Elfenbeinskulpturen’, the ivory was thought to have been made in the 12th century in Italy, Spain or Sicily. A review of the book can be found in JStor.

The ivory is in the British Museum.

Recommended reading
Die islamischen Elfenbeinskulpturen by Ernst Kühnel. Via Google Books.
Muqarnas, Volume 16: An Annual on the Visual Culture of the Islamic World edited by Gülru Necipoğlu. Via Google Books.
The Oliphant: Islamic Objects in Historical Context by Avînoʻam Šālēm. Via Google Books.

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