A new mixed embroidery sampler

walterssamplermamluk This is a sampler with pattern darning, double running stitch and counted satin stitch. Made between the 14th and 15th century in Mamluk controlled Egypt, it is linen embroidered in silk, 14 cm by 27.4 cm. It is thought to have been a professional embroiderer’s sampler, possibly to show clients the work and design the embroiderer did. The sampler is in the Walters Art Museum.

There are twelve unique embroidery designs on this sampler. I have charted up this sampler, with the files available in pdf format.
The first three patterns are all pattern darning.
walterssamplerpattern1 (pdf)
walterssamplerpattern2 (pdf)
walterssamplerpattern3 (pdf)

The forth design is a mix of counted satin stitch, double running stitch and pattern darning.
walterssamplerpattern4 (pdf)

The fifth to eighth design are all pattern darning.
walterssamplerpattern5 (pdf)
walterssamplerpattern6 (pdf)
walterssamplerpattern7 (pdf)
walterssamplerpattern8 (pdf)

Pattern nine and ten are a blackwork design. I have completed pattern nine, which would be reversible.
walterssamplerpattern9 (pdf)
walterssamplerpattern10 (pdf)

Pattern eleven is the first Egyptian blackwork I have seen that would not be reversible (in my opinion).
walterssamplerpattern11 (pdf)

I have only done one of the two reversed pattern darning designs for pattern twelve. However, the other half of the design can be extrapolated from the chart.

Please let me know how you find the charts.

3 comments on “A new mixed embroidery sampler

  1. Satine says:

    Your work is fabulous as always! Thank you for sharing & being such a great teacher!!!

  2. gaiamethod says:

    Thank you so much for these. i’m going to use the charts for weaving, knitting and crochet so I can see how they work. I will post some pics when i have a few completed! 🙂

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