Mamluk embroidery on garb

necklinewithvinesandleaves This textile is a plain weave linen embroidered in brown silk. The seams have been sewn with flax. The size is 29 x 11 cm and is to be a yoke around the neck on a tunic. The design of the embroidery are vines, leaves and scroll work done in split stitch. It is currently at the Ashmolean Museum.

patterndarnedneckline This textile is also an embroidered linen yoke. However, it is pattern darned in pink and brown cotton going across the textile. The size is 36.5 x 32.5 cm. It is in the Ashmolean Museum.

interlockedstarsandrosettes This textile is linen, embroidered in undyed & beige silk in interlacing stars and rosettes. It is lined with linen. The textile can be found in the Ashmolean Museum.

Detail of the embroidery- detailofrosette I am unsure of the stitch used. The Museum has described this textile as being from a sleeve but the shape is similar to salwar (as can be seen in the previous post Mamluk salwar). Please let me know what you think of the textile.

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