A new chart with double running stitch and gobelin stitch

diamondashmolean This textile is 23 x 20 cm, linen embroidered in dark blue silk for the double running stitch, with light green and brown silk in the encroaching gobelin stitch. It is currently in the Ashmolean Museum.

I personally think that the stitch used to fill in the green and brown is gobelin, while the Museum calls it a “slanted counted filling stitch”. Here is a detail of one of the green sections- greendetail I am happy to be corrected.

The chart is a pdf document-

diamondashmolean (PDF)

Let me know how the embroidery goes!

3 comments on “A new chart with double running stitch and gobelin stitch

  1. M. Deppe says:

    Nice chart! The slanted fill embroidery is nothing so orderly as Gobelin, but Gobelin is a suitable interpretation for modern embroiderers. I studied the Newberry textiles when I was in graduate school. I am happy to see the Ashmolean has made photos from the collection available online, and that they are appreciated.

    Regards, M. Deppe

    • Thank-you!

      The only problem is that the reverse of the textile is not shown, which is why I guessed gobelin stitch. I do love the HD zoom-able photos though!

      • M. Deppe says:

        Gobelin works just fine. I don’t have a photo of the back of that one, but my notes say “messy diagonal fill,” and my rough close-up study photo is clear enough to see that the stitching is uniformly uneven, if that makes sense. The description “counted” is rather optimistic. 🙂 The Textile Museum (Wash. D.C.) has two fragments from Egypt, also presumably Mamluk era, with a similar fill stitch. I’ll try to send my contact info to your local SCA seneschal, if you want to find me.

        M. Deppe

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