Gifts for the new Baroness and King & Queen

Last night was the Midwinter Investiture of Stormhold’s new Baroness Maestra Antonia di Lorenzo. As a gift from the Guild she got a horn bowl & spoon (for her salt) and a tea towel based on the chart from A Blackwork Challenge
img_0287 It is silk on linen. I used Guterman silk, since it is quite fine & doesn’t fray. The reverse- img_0288

Their Majesties Niall and Liadan got a leather bound book and a small handkerchief embroidered with a blackwork from a sampler in the V&A. The blackwork embroidery is at the bottom of the sampler. I haven’t charted the whole sampler, as the rest of the designs are pattern darning and not in good condition. The front of my embroidery- img_0289 It is silk on linen, but made from Ver a Soie silk thread. The reverse- img_0290 Anyone interested in the chart?

7 comments on “Gifts for the new Baroness and King & Queen

  1. ffride says:

    Thank-you for posting the photos of the embroidery! It’s lovely.

  2. Satine says:

    Beautiful!!! You work is very lovely!! You inspire me!!!!

  3. Fionna says:

    Very nice work. Thanks for showing the back, too. I’m probably a geek, but I love to see the back of things – and your backs are lovely.

  4. Thank you very much for the gift.

  5. Thank you for the gift – it is lovely! I only just found your blog. Its very interesting!

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