Early period embroidered Egyptian textiles

egyptian6thcentemb This is a 6th century textile found in Egypt. It is a plain weave linen embroidered in a regular pattern. The textile is 10 cm by 8 cm. It is currently in the Metroplitan Museum of Art.

egyptian6thcentbw This textile is also from the 6th century & Egypt. It is made from wool & plain woven linen. The Metropolitan Museum of Art says the textile is tapestry woven, but it does look like a style of pattern darning. It is 10.6 cm by 6 cm.

embroidered6thto7th This textile was made between the 6th-7th century. It is made of plain woven linen with wool embroidery and is 14.6 cm by 10 cm. Possibly in running and stem stitch. It is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

tapestryembroidered7thto9th This textile is from the 7th-9th century. It is a tapestry woven textile of linen and wool with embroidery. The back of the textile- backtapestrywovenembroidery The textile is 8.3 cm by 10.2 cm. It is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

2 comments on “Early period embroidered Egyptian textiles

  1. John Stephenson says:

    Hi- Is this image of the reverse of a tapestry frag yours? I am trying to find such an image to show in an article in a scholarly journal- can I gain permission? thanks! Dr. John Stephenson

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