Updated coffee article with added chocolate!

I have updated my previous published coffee article and thought I would share!


Due to some (fairly harmless) addictions to chocolate too, I also wrote a small article on the history of chocolate & how to make it in the period style.

Medieval Chocolate

They are both pdf documents. Enjoy!

For those who are having trouble, try the .odt & .doc documents.

Coffeehistory (odt)

Medieval Chocolate (doc)

8 comments on “Updated coffee article with added chocolate!

  1. dianabuja says:

    Can’t open either article – seems to be no link! Help! Merci…

  2. bahriah says:

    Love the recipe for chocolate. Annato may be period, but it does have some possible health concerns (potentially cancer causing from memory). Try it to see what it was like, but leave it out for regular use. And yes I know it is used to colour American Cheese but it adds no real flavour and is only a visual aid to flavour intensity.

    • I completely agree with you. There is some health issues to take into account. Where I am it is not a common ingredient found in the supermarket. I had to go to a specialty shop. Which means high prices for a beverage that won’t miss that particular item.

      On the tongue straight, it has a mild pepper flavour which you could swap for white pepper (in my opinion).

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