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What are everyone’s thoughts on the proposed charter?

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I have been asking my local Herald about badges, since it was suggested by Lady Senena! It is a wonderful way of uniting all the dancers and hopefully not just in my local group. I have been searching for other Middle Eastern dancing Guilds and while they are out there and active, there are no badges.

There have been three badges of the same design in three ways. The Arabic (which is done in a lot of ME heraldry) reads as “Awalim” or learned women. Please let me know your opinion, if you like a particular one or none of them at all!

Unfortunately, after referring to another Herald, the field-less badges such as designs two and three, would not be passed. So while design number two and three are very striking, they shouldn’t be considered…

or there are three badges with fields-

Please leave your comments either here or…

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  1. Moly Gil BRea says:

    I think badges are a good idea. I would love to learn more about other dancers. I live is Caid, altavia and our Barones teaches a great ATS class.

    All the badges are so similar, and BTW what do they say? I kinda like to know as my persona is non-muslim.

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