Different but similar embroideries

This is thought to be a fragment of a garment, made between the 13th and 14th century in al -A’zam in Upper Egypt. At this time the rulers would have been Mamluk. This is a linen even weave, with silk blackwork, pulled thread and openwork. The openwork is kloster blocks with doves’ eye stitch. The detail- The pattern has been charted by Mathilde Eschenbach which she also used in a project. The textile is in the Victoria & Albert Museum.

This embroidery is very similar to the previous textile with some small differences- This textile is unfortunately in pieces, but the design is on linen out of blue and yellow silk. There is blackwork, pulled thread and openwork like the first textile but this embroidery also has silk satin stitching. The pattern is also repeated like the first textile, which can be seen in this piece- The main piece is 17.3 x 11 cm and can be found in the Ashmolean. The other pieces can be found in the Ashmolean Museum.

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