A Night in Palermo- event

The Guilds of Middle Eastern Dancing and Cookery in these Baronies of Stormhold & Krae Glas invite one and all to
“An Night in Palermo”
Before the armies are sent off on Crusade, there will be an evening of frivolity and competition, to appease the Norman Court of Sicily. Dishes reflecting the best of the different peoples of Sicily is to be presented, to be judged on authenticity, presentation, execution, documentation and complexity. The Greeks, Arabs, Italians and Normans can thus enjoy a friendlier rivalry (for the time being)! Please email the Steward to book and advise if entering the competition.

Members $11.00, Non-members $16.50, children $5.50. Please email Miriam Staples on miriam.staples@gmail.com to book and advise if entering the competition. This is a potluck feast, so please bring a plate.The event will be at the Chandler Room, Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre, 157 Union Road, Surrey Hills VIC 3127, Melbourne Australia from 5pm.

Please be aware that if you have said you will be attending on FB (https://www.facebook.com/events/294670073962625/) it is not considered a booking! I do need all your membership details.

I am the steward of the event. The prizes are already chosen and are just waiting to be won!

There are a few resources on-line to help in the competition. There is Master Cariadoc of the Bow’s works, many links through this site and a translated Annals of the Caliphs’ Kitchens, a tenth century Baghdadi cookbook. I look forward to catching up with everyone at the feast!

6 comments on “A Night in Palermo- event

  1. Unless I am missing it, nothing on the page announcing the event says where it is being held–not even what kingdom it is in.

  2. Sounds like a fun event–but a bit far for me.

  3. I really wish I could be at this event, Miriam, because it is right up my particular alley! I do suggest people look at this paper in this blog post, for the Emir of Catania’s chicken dish:


    And more about Sicilian honey-sesame candy:


    And someone may want to do sarde a beccafico:


    • Thanks for that. I have been encouraging everyone to enter & handing out as much info I had. More info can only be better 😉

      I did think of you when planning of the event! It would be great to meet you IRL but I will post about the event to enjoy virtually instead.

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