Moroccan Shikhat

This YouTube clip was at a concert called Aywah! by Katarina Burda. The clip is done in the style of Moroccan Shikhat, which is a version of Guedra but done by professional women. The name Shikhat is given to women who sing, dance, perform and also prostitute themselves. While they have a “bad reputation”, they are also sought out for large celebrations such as weddings and circumcisions. There is little to no historical record available. If anyone has anything on the history of these dancers that may go back into the medieval era, please let me know.
Recommended reading
Poems of Honor, Voices of Shame: The ʻaiṭa and the Moroccan Shikhat by Alessandra Maria Ciucci. Via Google Books.
Les musiciennes professionnelles au Maroc by Alessandra Ciucci. In French. JStor article.
Dancing around Orientalism by Donnalee Dox. JStor article.
Gender on the Market: Moroccan Women and the Revoicing of Tradition by Deborah Anne Kapchan. Via Google Books.
Moroccan Female Performers Defining the Social Body by Deborah A. Kapchan. JStor article.
Music and Gender: Perspectives from the Mediterranean by Tullia Magrini. Via Google Books.
The Politics and Poetics of Dance by Susan A. Reed. JStor article.

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