An Ottoman dagger handle

This is an Ottoman dagger hilt, made out of walrus ivory. The dagger is carved with arabesque knots and foliage. The size is 10.6 x 4.6 x 2.2 cm. There is no blade on the handle and no other details about the hilt. The item is currently in the Walters Art Museum.
Recommended Reading
Metal Working & Jewelry on the Turkish Cultural Foundation.
Two Aspects of Islamic Arms and Armor by D. G. Alexander. JStor article.
An Exhibition of High Ottoman Art by Oleg Grabar. JStor article.
Paintings in Silver and Gold: The Decoration of Persian Metalwork and Its Relationship to Manuscript Illustration by Linda Komaroff.
Decorative Motifs Used on the Ottoman Flag Finials by Jaroslav Martykán. Via Google Docs.
Arms & Armors: From the Permanent Collection by Helmut Nickel. JStor article.
Oriental Metalwork in the Gambier-Parry Collection by B. W. Robinson. JStor article.

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