Mamluk salwar

These are thought to be pants or salwar worn during the Mamluk period in Egypt. This piece is 39.5 x 27 cm linen, with pattern darning in silk. The colours were thought to be light brown, dark brown and blue. There are no evidence of fastenings on the salwar, so it is thought that were sewn together or left open.
This is the detail of the top, probably close to the knee.

This is the bottom of the embroidery, around the ankle.

The textile is currently in the Ashmolean. I have charted up the design and will put it up on-line soon.

One comment on “Mamluk salwar

  1. […] as being from a sleeve but the shape is similar to salwar (as can be seen in the previous post Mamluk salwar). Please let me know what you think of the […]

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