Some dances from Uzbek, Turkey & Armenia

This is a dancer named Marguerite Kusuhara doing a sufi dance.

This is Ballet Afsaneh and Miriam Peretz (see previous post Persian Dancing) dancing a Tajik/Uzbeki dance.

This is also Miriam Peretz, dancing a Tajik/Uzbeki dance solo.

This is a Russian video of a dance known as Kochari. It is a Turkish/Armenian folk dance. There are some differences of opinion on the history of the dance. If you have any information, please let me know.
Recommended reading
Ottoman period on the Pandect: the World of Greek Dance website.
On the Subject of Ethnic and Cultural Parallels:
the Art of Dancing in Khorezm and Turkey
written by Inna Gorlina on the San’at Magazine website.
Turkish Folklore on the Meander Travel website.
Turkish Hamman and the West: Myth and Reality by Anna Vanzan Via Google Docs.

2 comments on “Some dances from Uzbek, Turkey & Armenia

  1. Sasha says:

    I actually prefer this video (also of Miriam Peretz)

    I would also caution would-be performers that this isn’t a dance, per se, but rather a staged performance of a **religious ceremony** – it would be very easy to veer from ‘respectful’ to ‘unintended mockery’ without doing due diligence in research and making sure that the venue and staging are appropriate.

    Ashk Olsuun (let there be Love)


    • I totally agree! Sufi whirling has been a religious ceremony for centuries. Knowledge and research should be used at all times.

      Miriam Peretz is a brilliant dancer. I am a great admirer of her work.

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