A Sogdiana piece

This is a Sasanian or Sogdian panel, made of silk lampas weave. Thought to be of Iranian or Central Asia origin (Transoxiana) from the 8th century. The panel is woven out of red, blue, green and gold silk, into two roundels of winged horses, circled with a pearl border. Each roundel is 35cm across, the whole panel being 47.6 x 88.3cm. The textile was sold at Christies for £133,250 or $205,338. I am unsure if the panel comes from a coat like that seen in the post Another Sogdian coat. The size would limit the use on children’s garb as seen in the post An Early Period Sogdiana Coat. I would recommend going through to the Christies site, as there is a reasonable zoom function.
The Glories of Sogdiana by Albert E. Dien.
Textile Finds Along the Silk Road by Angela Sheng. Via Google Docs.
The “Gown” Collar Style of the Hunni Burial Puppet in the Tang Dynasty by Fang Wan. Via Google Docs.
Heart of the Silk Road by Tan Wee-Cheng.
The Late Sogdian Costume (the 5th-8th AD) by Sergey A. Yatsenko.

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