A second towel embroidery challenge

Over a year ago, I charted a towel from the Ashmolean. This work can be downloaded from the original post “A Blackwork Challenge” or on the embroidery charts page. Recently I found another Mamluk towel, around a century older, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art:
The textile fragment is thought to have been made between the 13th-14th century, with the dimensions of 9.9 cm by 18.7 cm. It is very similar to the other towel I have previously charted but there are some noticeable differences. As the picture is not a colour picture, the colour of the silk used is unknown but would have been a dark colour. Possibly blue or brown. It looks as though there is a tiraz under the birds and trees. If you can read it, please give a translation. I can’t read Arabic but I have a suspicion that it is a decorative tiraz and not to be read.

The chart is a single page PDF document.
Met towel PDF
Please let me know how your embroidery goes.

One comment on “A second towel embroidery challenge

  1. Nasheeta says:

    This looks like water with the flowers that bloom during the day and birds on the water

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