Another sampler challenge

This sampler is in the Victoria & Albert Museum. It is a blackwork and pattern darning sampler from between the 14th and 16th centuries. The height is 42.5 cm and the width is 22.8 cm. Linen with silk embroidery. I have charted up the embroidery, and even made a few exemplars of the embroidery. However, some of this sampler has been previously charted by Mathilde Eschenbach, who has kindly allowed me to refer straight to her individual charts, some of which differ to mine. Both interpretations will be put up & referred to, to encourage everyone! The charts from myself are available for download, one page pdf document.

vasamplerpattern1 (pdf)
vasamplerpattern2 (pdf)
vasamplerpattern3 (pdf)
vasamplerpattern4 (pdf)
This pattern has some fine darning in it, which is similar to pattern darning, only with single stitches. This makes the pattern reversible. Ottoman embroidery also uses fine darning.
vasamplerpattern5 (pdf)
vasamplerpattern6 (pdf)
vasamplerpattern7 (pdf)
This was also done by Mathile Eschenbach.
vasamplerpattern8 (pdf)
Also done by Mathilde Eschenbach.
vasamplerpattern9 (pdf)
I left mine as what was on the sampler, as I believe that the right hand tree and cat are done incorrectly and incomplete. However, Mathilde Eschenbach has a complete interpretation.
vasamplerpattern10 (pdf)
Mathilde Eshenbach’s interpretation.
vasamplerpattern11 (pdf)
I would love to hear from everyone their opinions on the different charts.

4 comments on “Another sampler challenge

  1. Asfridhr says:

    Do you think the unfinished part of the cat might be a mistake at drawing a tail? (Are there any other images of cats that it could be compared to?)

    • I think the design of pattern 9 was just wrong. That could be why the embroiderer didn’t finish it- they couldn’t!

      I have done a Google search and can’t seem to find any more Blackwork cats… I’ll get in contact with Mathilde, she may know some more.

  2. joegeranio1 says:

    How far back can we go with Roman textiles? 1st or second century possibly? Thanks

    • Not with these designs. If you want to look at Roman garb in the Middle East in the Middle Ages (very early Middle Ages!) then I recommend studying the Coptic garb that are around.

      There are quite a few extant pieces around.

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