Turkish bows

This picture was taken from Wikimedia Commons.The picture is late 16th century. The bow is a recurve composite bow, with a core of wood, horn on the archer-side on the outside and sinew on the back.This picture is taken from Wikimedia Commons. This bow is in the Higgins Armoury Museum, showing also the quiver that would hold the bow strung and the arrows. It is from the 17th century, but there are others in the collection of the Museum. Archers would use a thumb ring, called a zihgir, which was eventually worn off the battlefield and came to symbolise the person was a warrior.The picture is of Selim II, known as “The Blond Selim”. The ring on his thumb can be seen on his hand in the air.
Turkish Tradition Archery Part I by Murat Özveri, DDS, PhD. From Turkish Cultural Foundation.
Turkish Traditional Archery Part II by Murat Özveri, DDS, PhD.
Turkish Flight Archery. This is a blog that has many articles on Turkish Archery, including how to make a thumb ring.
Thumb Ring Build-A-Long Using Dental Laboratory Techniques by Dr. Murat Özveri. From Tirendaz- Turkish Archery website.
Ottoman bows- an assessment of draw weight, performance and tactical use by Adam Karpowicz. He has also written a book about how to make an Ottoman bow and can be purchased here.
Recurve Composite Bow– a discussion forum covering Ottoman bows. From cRPG Forum.

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