A Mamluk pattern darning sampler

This sampler is from the Mamluk period in Egypt, 1250-1517C.E. The sampler was found in a cemetery in Fustat. The size is 22 x 16 cm, sewn out of three separate pieces of linen, embroidered in two different shades of blue cotton. The joining was done in flax. The sampler is currently in the Ashmolean. I have charted the sampler, breaking it down into eight separate charts. They are available for download as single page pdfs.
Pattern1 (pdf)
Pattern2 (pdf)
Patterns3&4 (pdf)
Pattern5 (pdf)
Pattern6 (pdf)
Pattern7 (pdf)
Pattern8 (pdf)
The number chart-

4 comments on “A Mamluk pattern darning sampler

  1. Judith says:

    a question is the stitch a cross or just the darn line….

    • It is plain pattern darning. No cross stitches at all. There is a surface stitch running through which creates a highlighted area.

      If you are really curious, follow the Ashmolean link & use the HD zoom to check out the stitches!

  2. […] cotton. It is 31 x 14.5 cm. The main design is similar to the pattern darning sampler from the post “A Mamluk pattern darning sampler”, specifically pattern 1. It is larger and more complete. There are two narrow bands that highlight […]

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