Another charted design

This item is thought to be either a sash or a turban. Made in the Mamluk period in Egypt (1250-1517) it is blue silk on linen. The item is 26.5 cm by 15 cm. The original is in the Ashmolean. Unfortunately the picture does not show the edges of the embroidery, so the chart is simply a theory as to how it finishes. Here is a picture of a recent embroidery I did based on the chart-I chose to only do three squares up, as I wanted to show the interlocking circles without either drowning each other out. The original shown above has five squares, but the pattern is adaptable. The extra squares can be added later, if I desire. The reverse- Close up detail- The chart can be downloaded from the link below. I found the best way to do it is the do the small linked squares first, then the lines of squares and rosettes. The way to do the squares and rosettes by doing one half or dashes of the squares (with the insides being done as well) then doubling back and filling in the dashes. Let me know how it goes!
Squares and interlacing knots (pdf)

One comment on “Another charted design

  1. […] I have charted up the design and it is quite reminiscent of the design seen in the post “Another charted design”. […]

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