A choreography and question

I have been looking through my paperwork and stumbled across a choreography I performed in back in 1999. Once you read it, you can understand how hard it is to write down dance moves-

Step 1- Introduction, one bar (8 beats per bar)- Walk on, take position
Step 2- Instrumental with accents, 4 bars- backward Figure 8’s (latin style), stop & pose on accents looking deadly!
Step 3- Verse, 4 bars- Egyptian walks with shoulder shimmies, walk to one side, then the other, turn around go to the back stage, then walk from back to the front
Step 4- Chorus, 1 bar- side 3/4 profile (face left) shoulder shimmies (3x forward, back), body roll with background hand gesture to eyes and held up high
Step 5- Chorus continued, 1 bar- left hip flicks for 4, side figure 8 starting with swoop to the back
Step 6- Chorus continued, 1 bar- turn side 3/4 profile (face right), repeat steps 4&5
Step 7- Transition, 2 bars- shoulder shimmies grapevine, right then left
Step 8- Instrumental with accents, 4 bars- repeat step 2 but with forward figure 8s
Step 9- Verse, 4 bars- Open arms moving undulations, go left, right cross stage, repeat
Step 10- Transition, 1 bar- Hip flick right, 3 step turn to the right, hip flick left, 3 step turn to the left
Step 11- Transition continued, 3 bars- Repeat step 10 x3
Step 12- Chorus, 4 bars- Repeat step 4,5 and 6
Step 13- Transition, 2 bars- Repeat step 7
Step 14- Instrumental with accents, 4 bars- Repeat step 2 but with vertical figure 8s
Step 15- Verse, 4 bars- Side to side undulations, arms no higher than shoulder length, chest rolls on accents
Step 16- Chorus, 4 bars- Repeat steps 4,5 and 6
Step 17- Drum solo (1,2,3–4,5), 4 bars- Hands by your side: Chest up, down, up; pelvis, tuck, drop PAUSE. Pelvis tuck, drop, tuck; chest up, down PAUSE. Chest up, down, up; pelvis tuck, drop PAUSE. Chest up, down, up and swoosh (undulation)
Step 18- Transition, 2 bars- Repeat step 7
Step 19- Instrumental with accents, 4 bars- Right hip up, 2 drops, 2 claps. Left hip up, 2 drops, 2 claps. REPEAT (looking deadly!)
Step 20- Chorus and closing, 8 bars- Egyptian walks, tun around and go down-stage (stop and turn around for claps), come up-stage to one side then the other, bowing gestures gently turning to leave up stage.

This choreography was done to Nour el Ain by Amr Diab. Also known as the Habibi song! The You Tube clip-
Now a question about the Guild. What would you like to see in a Charter? The main aim of the Guild is to study, teach and perform Middle Eastern dance, with a second function of being a source of information about other aspects of Middle Eastern culture that can used to create and maintain a Middle Eastern Persona. Please let me know what you think as then we can possibly start to register some badges. We can use the word Awalim for the girls but for the men, we could use Köçek.

One comment on “A choreography and question

  1. Judith says:

    like the charter you found earlier, it seemed to encompass what has happened so far…maybe put in there that we will try to run at least one medieval feast or event each year….

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