An Egyptian Child’s tunic from the Mamluk period

This tunic has been dated to the Mamluk period. It is linen, embroidered with dark brown silk. The ground linen has a thread count of 20 per cm. The dimensions of the garment is wider in the sleeves than the length- the height of the shirt is 57 cm and the width in the sleeves is 63.5 cm. This type of shirt represents a break from the Coptic full piece woven tunic. The tailor who made it would have made it the same as adult’s clothes, though cut down from other larger embroidered pieces.
The embroidery is pattern darning, on the gores, sleeves and a “necklace” at the slit of the neckline. The pattern darning also goes down the front and back of the tunic. The tunic’s width is mostly from the gores. The main “body” of the tunic is only slightly wider than the neck hole. The seams are a run and fell seam, as seen today on blue jeans. The embroidery found on children’s garments can vary greatly. I will see about charting this pattern darning style soon.

The tunic is in the Ashmolean Jameel Centre. I highly recommend following the link, as the HD zoom is wonderful.

One comment on “An Egyptian Child’s tunic from the Mamluk period

  1. […] construction of the shirt is the same as the shirt previously mentioned in the post “An Egyptian Child’s tunic from the Mamluk Period”. That shirt can be found in the Ashmolean […]

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