Flamenco & the Zambra Mora

This clip was done by Nesma, a dancer in Spain. Many people believe that Flamenco originated in the dances of the Moors. The Moriscos danced what is known as the Zambra Mora, which was forbidden and then they were expelled.These two clips are done by Puela Lunaris, who runs Dances of the World.This clip was done by Anjelica Scannura, a teacher at the Arabesque Academy. There are also many more clips of Flamenco & Zambra Mora on the Ana Otero YouTube Channel.
Exploring Flamenco’s Arab Roots by Greg Noakes. From Saudi Aramco World.
Zambra Mora by unknown author on Fusion-bellydance.com.
Zambra Mora by Ana Ruiz. This is a chapter of her book about Zambra Mora but her book Vibrant Andalusia: the spice of life in southern Spain can be read via Google Books. Preview only.
The Zambra Mora (also known as Danza Mora) by Maureen Theresa.
Andalusian, Gypsy, and Class Identity in the Contemporary Flamenco Complex by Peter Manuel. JStor article.
Dances for the Royal Festivities in Madrid in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries by David Sanchez Cano. JStor article.

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