Bahla Fort, Oman

Made of unbaked mud brick (just like the city of Shibam) but built in the 13th century by the Banu Nebhan tribe. They ruled this area in Oman for around 300 years but there is little information on them. It is a fortified oasis, where the theology of Ibadism was centered and controlled from. Much of the 12kms of wall had fallen down and been washed away before it was placed on the UNESCO Endangered Places list. The Omani government spent $9 million to upgrade the fort between 1993-1999. It has since been taken off the Endangered list but is still Heritage listed.This is a YouTube clip showing a tour of the Bahla Fort. However, the Government of Oman also has a Virtual Bahla tour.
Restoration of the Bahla Fort– Oman Information Centre.
The history of Mohammedanism and its sects by William Cooke Taylor. Free book on Google Books.

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