Mamluk bags

The date of the construction is unknown, but thought to be between the 13th to 16th centuries. This is a bag 11 x 8.5 cm with silk applied patchwork embroidery in red, white, blue, green and yellow silk. The bag has been lined with linen.
The bag is currently on display in the Ashmolean Museum.
This textile is thought to have also been a bag face, since the fabric selvages can be seen on both sides. The fabric size is 11 x 19cm and is a weft woven linen with silks of pink, indigo, blue and yellow and brown. The decoration is lozenge shaped with associated tassels. Possibly 14th century, it was sold by Christie’s for £3,750 (or $7,631).

3 comments on “Mamluk bags

  1. Do you know what the foundation of the eyelet shape is? I was wondering if it’s a metal ring or a fabric cord or something else. I’ve never seen the reverse of that bag before. It makes it even more ugly-awesome!

  2. Unfortunately there is very little information on the Ashmolean’s website. However, they have the very best HD zoom I have found on various Museum’s websites.

    If you follow the link back to the site, you can zoom in and have a look. I don’t think a metal ring was used, especially after looking at the eyelets that are unravelling.

    This site may help with the eyelet stitch-

  3. Teffania says:

    You might be interested in the eyelets on this:

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