Seljuk Jewelry

These are two thick gold hoop earrings are from 12th century Iran. They are thick gold wire, which ends in a dragon’s head. The dragon’s eyes are set with turquoise and the other stones are citrine. The earrings are 5cm high. They were sold by Christie’s for £500 or $879.
This bracelet is from 11th century Iran. Constructed using a sheet of gold made into a tube with tapering ends, rolled back and a granulated hinge. It has a diametre of 7cm. The bracelet was sold by Chrisite’s for £1,188 or $1,829.
This is a silver ring with a silver bezel featuring a lion. The lion was symbolic of the Seljuk power. The lion is in profile, rearing up, surrounded by curliques. The bezel has a 1.9cm diametre and the ring itself 8.5cm. The ring was sold by Christie’s for $8,400.
These are 11th century wire beads from Iran. They are basketform, with three of them with granulated decoration. The granulated set are 1.5cm long and the round are 1.7cm long. They were sold by Christie’s for £625 or $999.
This belt is from 12th century Iran or Anatolia. It is made up of alternating four shaped stepped gold beads with three red carnelians, three tapering pyramidal rectangular beads set with emeralds, larger beads divided by cartouche-shaped panels each set with two pearls and two turquoises and the ends of the belt are made of shaped larger panels similar to the cartouche panels. There is a stylised kufic inscription, which reads- al-mulk, li’llah al-wahid, al-sa’ada, al-sa’id, al-za’id wa, al-baqa li-sahibihi which translates to Sovereignty is God’s, the One. Rising increasing Happiness and Long-life to its owner. The belt is 59cm long and had been fixed some time ago with some bronze links. It was sold by Christie’s for £61,250 or $94,386.

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