An early period Sogdiana coat

This is a child’s coat from Sogdiana, which was a major stop on the Silk Road. It was made in the 8th century, during the Tang Dynasty in China. The height is 48 cm and width is 82.5 cm.

The coat’s outer fabric is weft-faced compound twill, the lining is damask silk from China. The pattern in the silk are ducks in pearl roundels-

The coat was together with silk pants-

The pants are lined, with the outer fabric silk twill damask and the lining damask silk. The height of the pants are 52 cm amd the width is 28 cm. The coat was made in Sogdiana while the pants were made in China. Both items are thought to belong to a boy in the royal family. The items are currently in the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Encyclopædia Iranica– Clothing of the Sogdians.
The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies- Use and Production of Silks in Sogdiana by Etsuko Kageyama.
When Silk Was Gold: Central Asian and Chinese Textiles in The Cleveland and Metropolitan Museums of Art.

4 comments on “An early period Sogdiana coat

  1. Asfridhr says:

    I love the pants, I wonder if they are similar in style to these miniature pants from the Northern Caucasus: It’s around the same time period and looks to be the same form with a large, square gusset.

  2. ooh – I want that coat fabric!

  3. […] Very similar roundel to previously posted Sogdian textiles in the post An early period Sogdiana coat. […]

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