Some carpet pages

This carpet page is from the Qur’an of Ibn al-Bawwāb, from 11th century Baghdad. It is currently in the Chester Beatty Library, where it has great zoom.

Made in 1153, this Arabic Qur’an has two carpet pages opening the book. Currently in the Harry Ransom Centre in the Books Before Gutenburg section.

A carpet page done by Arghûn Shâh, a well known painter in 1375. Possibly in Cairo (please let me know if you find an exact location).

This is a Jewish carpet page from 15th century Yemen (the date given in the binding is 1469). The first half of the book is a Grammatical introduction or Makhberet ha-Tigan and the second half is Pentateuch (the five books of Moses) with masorah magna and masora parva. It also has other carpet pages in Arabic-

This means that not only Jewish scholars worked on the book, but also Muslim scholars. It is currently in the British Library.
The Qur’anic Manuscripts In Museums, Institutes, Libraries & Collections.
An Introduction to Hebrew Manuscripts by Joseph Gutmann , Evelyn M. Cohen , Menahem Schmelzer , Malachi Beit-Arié. A lecture available to read from the NY Public Library. Via Fathom.
Arabic Art Forms in Spanish Book Production by the Bodleian Library.
Online Gallery: Sacred Texts by the British Library.
Observations on Illustrated Byzantine Psalters by John Lowden. JStor article.
Hebrew Manuscript Painting in Late Medieval Spain: Signs of a Culture in Transition by Katrin Kogman-Appel. JStor article.
Jewish Art and Non-Jewish Culture: The Dynamics of Artistic Borrowing in Medieval Hebrew Manuscript Illumination by Katrin Kogman-Appel. JStor article.

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