A tiraz veil

This is a linen veil, embroidered in silk in tapestry weave. It was made in 983, less that 20 years after the Abbasids took over Egypt. The dimensions are 59 x 142 cm, and it was made in the royal tiraz factory in Tinnis (see previous post Tiraz). It translates to-

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
There is no God except God.
[Assistance] to the servant of God and his representative, Nizar Abu al-Mansur, the Imam al-Aziz billah, Commander of the Faithful.
God’s benedictions upon him. From what has been ordered to be made in the state-run factory at Tinnis in the year 373. Best wishes.

The veil is currently in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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