Mihri Hatun

There is very little information about Mihri Hatun but what is know was that she was born 1456C.E. in Amaysa, Turkey. She was the daughter of a judge and had been privately educated. Part of the literary circle of Prince Ahmed, one of the sons of Bayezid II, she never married but had affairs with both men and women. However a later biography called them innocent and she lead a life of virtue. She died in 1506 or 1516 (conflicting dates on sources). She had written over 200 poems and gazels, but I could only find two-

At one glance
I loved you with a thousand hearts.

They can hold against me
No other sin except my love for you
Come to me
Don’t go away

Let the zealots think
Loving is sinful
Never mind
Let me burn in the hellfire
Of that sin.

Another of her poems has been placed in the New York City’s transport system, to entertain travellers-

My heart burns in flames of sorrow
Sparks and smoke rise turning to the sky
Within me the heart has taken fire like a candle
My body, whirling, is a lighthouse illuminated by your image.

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