An early period sprang cap

This a wool sprang cap, found in the cemetery of Antinoe in Egypt. The cap comes from an area that was a stronghold of Coptic Christians between the 5th and 7th centuries, though this one can be dated to the mid-5th century. This cap has a height of 25 cm and diameter of 20 cm at the base. Other things found in this tomb were a comb, headband, hair curlers and dresses.

It is currently in the Louvre.

One comment on “An early period sprang cap

  1. Asfridhr says:

    My favourite sprang cap is in the Met Museum, with red and white stripes:
    (They also have a cool turban with photos of it from different angles!)

    The British Museum has some photos of hairnets that might be interesting, I’m not sure how stable the links are, but if you search here: for coptic sprang there are two hairnets.

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