Hello all the dancers out there!

I have been asked by a friend on FaceBook about how to put together a performance. Apparently there is not much information out there on the ‘net to get educated with. So I have another challenge for all belly dancers out there. How do you put on a performance?

How do all the dancers out there put together their performances? Do you have a drummer? Do you do it in a group? What style is a favourite?

Please let me know your answers to the questions. I would love to share how it is done in a SCA environment but any knowledge would be better than none.

I have performed in choreographies, cabaret and tribal-style. I have also performed extempore in tribal style. Much of my dancing now is muscle memory and I know that the music will change after two counts of eight, even if I hadn’t heard that song before. Never really put on a choreography I created; just extempore.

I prefer performing to music cds, as dancing to a drummer who you don’t know can be very difficult. They don’t know your signals! It can also be a relief to know that the song does for 4min 38sec and after that you stop. That could just be me though…

I would love to hear from everyone. Please let me know your experiences and ideas about how to put a choreography together.

2 comments on “Hello all the dancers out there!

  1. Faye Sutton says:

    Oh – a challenge. Wish I could help, but I really can’t. I’m hopeless at that sort of thing.
    Good luck.

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