Ivory dancers with accompanying musicians

I found this picture on Tribe.net but it unfortunately doesn’t have much information as where the object is, let alone a good picture. It is on the cover of a book called Women and the Fatimids in the World of Islam by Delia Cortese and Simonetta Calderini. I will be borrowing  the book as soon as I can, as it is available in a University library I have access to. However, I have found a similar picture in a JStor article helpfully put up on Scribd.

This gives the information that the item is in the Museo Nazionale del Bargello. It is quite likely both pieces are in the same museum and while the Bargello has a good site, there are very little pictures. Hopefully more will go up soon. The article on Scribd is called Music and Musicians in Islamic Art by Walter Denny. It can be read on Scribd or downloaded from JStor. If you have any information or even better pictures, please let me know.
The Human Figure in Early Islmaic Art by Eva Baer. Via Google Docs.
Five Essays on Islamic Art by Terry Allen.
A Study on Islamic Human Figure Representation in Light of a Dancing Scene by Hanaa M. Adly. Via Google Docs.

2 comments on “Ivory dancers with accompanying musicians

  1. Zhara says:

    Do you think these carvings make the case for solid-color, plain fabric gores in printed-fabric garments? I’ve been in some debate with folks as to whether it shows a garment with printed fabric and solid-color gores, or if the plain/smooth parts are the carver’s interpretation of the movement of fabric. Your thoughts?

  2. All things considered, it was probably some of the block printed material (which can be seen in the Ashmolean) as it is cheaper to buy than material woven in that pattern. Probably lined with fine linen though. I am thinking that the smooth parts are meant to be her scarf… It gives a good impression of movement.

    I love how the top dancer has tight sleeves and the bottom dancer has loose sleeves and is even showing off an elbow!

    Unfortunately the pictures are not good quality and I have been searching for some HD ones.

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