Seljuk dancers

This jar was made in Iran, thought to be 12th-13th century, during the Seljuq Empire. The jar is fritware, with a turquoise glaze over moulded decorations of hexagonal compartments, featuring camel riders, dancers, seated people and horsemen. The lid is a 19th century addition. Height: 78 cm, diameter: 47 cm, weight: 28 kg. Currently in the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The ewer was also made in Iran in the 13th century out of moulded fritware, but with a colbolt and turquoise glaze. This decoration has linked dancers around the main body of the ewer, with scroll work and animals such as lions, deer and hares over the rest of the ewer. The height is 32.3cm and is unfortunately missing the handle. Sold by Christies for £361,250 ($588,115).

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